Welcome to the corporate website of Tai Tong Ah Company Pte Ltd (大东亚私人有限公司), a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore.

Tai Tong Ah manufactures Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) under the Double Prawn (双虾标) brand name. Tai Tong Ah’s Herbal Oil (青草油) and Rumagon (风湿油) products are renowned for their excellent healing and soothing properties.

Positioned as a premier pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Tai Tong Ah has achieved a reputation in the market as a producer of quality TCM products, which are widely available in medical shops and pharmacies in South-east Asia, Hongkong, China and other parts of the world.

The use of 2 prawns in the brand makes the brand easily recognizable to children and adults alike. Among the many satisfied users over the years, Double Prawn brand Herbal Oil is immediately associated with a highly effective multi-purpose family medicinal product, ideal for treating a wide range of skin diseases. Similarly, Double Prawn brand Rumagon is known for providing quick soothing relief from muscle aches and pains.

Tai Tong Ah was founded in Singapore in 1953 by the late Mr Yeoh Liew Kung , a Chinese physician who came from South China to Singapore in the 1930s to seek his fortune. Over the years, under his leadership, Tai Tong Ah progressed from a small scale family operation serving only the local market to a modern professionally run business using automated production facilities that achieved Good Manufacturing Services (GMP) certification.

Tai Tong Ah is active in the Singapore TCM industry, playing an active role in various trade associations, TCM education initiatives and TCM exhibitions.